Want to sponsor this brat for the Army Run?

My Dad used to be in the air force, so I grew up on bases for the better part of my childhood. By the age of 16, I had some impressive stats by civilian perspective:
  • I'd lived in 3 provinces and 7 cities
  • I went to 4 elementary schools
  • I went to 3 high schools... in 4 years
  • I studied in English and lost my ability to speak French
  • I went to a Francophone (French only) school for 4 years and found my French
  • I've been in Ottawa for the past 19 years and have no plans to ever move.
  • Ever.
As a good little brat, I do my duty to support the troops ever year by running the Army Run 5k. I took June and July off from running, and recently unpacked my inhaler to pick it up again. The humidity is killing me, but I'm determined to run a good race and hopefully achieve a PB (personal best for the non-runners reading this).

I usually fundraise for one run a year. In the past it's been the Ottawa Half Marathon, the Run for the Cure, and this year I'm fundraising for the Army Run. According to the site, the money goes to "support the Canadian Forces Personnel Support programs (CFPSA), including Soldier On and the Military Families Fund."

Help a Sister Out: Sponsor me! So here's the sales pitch: if you're interested in sponsoring me, please check out my sponsor page on the Running Room site.

If not, then please consider sending speedy thoughts my way or even come out to the run. There are cheering sections for spectators and truly, watching the disabled vets run is inspiring. They start 15 minutes before the main races, and some of them are crazy fast (See Rick Ball's profile).

Or hey, if you're so inclined... sign up! :)

Have you run the Army Run? Are you in training? Doing any other runs this Fall? Leave a comment!

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