And now for something different: My "last" post

Joe Boughner issued a throw-down last week to his fave bloggers, asking them: “What if you could only write one more post? What would you want to say?” He opened the challenge up to the blogging community at large, and I thought it was an interesting writing exercise. Here is my contribution to the challenge.

What happens now:
A few months after my mom passed away, I was going through a box and found notes written in her handwriting. The hardest part about losing my mom was that I will never again get to hear her say, “Hey, bébé”. I’ll never hear her voice again unless I convert some very old VHS tapes to DVD (I’m sure my Dad has them in a box somewhere). Reading her writing is like hearing her voice, her words. I can hear her in my head when I read her handwriting.

That’s how I feel about this blog. Though this is my last post, the blog will live on for my son. It might be on a hard drive, it might be on paper, but there will be a copy of this blog available to him so that he can see it whenever he likes. My words, my tone, my thoughts. Whether I have a long healthy life, or pass on way too early like my own mom, he will always have this to hear me in my own words.

This blog is written in very much the same way as I speak. It’s full of my personality, even if I’m just reposting someone else’s video. I hope when he reads it that he hears my voice, and can laugh or feel warm and fuzzy. Whatever he needs.

So long and thanks for all the fish.
As for you, I hope you had some fun reading this blog. This was never meant to be an insightful journal of my deepest darkest thoughts. It was meant as a place to geek out, share some kewl ideas and bookmark some of the awesome stuff I came across on the Web. I hope you enjoyed yourself and maybe learned a few things (like wow, there are some really geeky people out there). If so, then I’ve done my job.

Final confessions: Geek Exposé
As this is my last post, I’d like to make some confessions which may truly expose that I might be a geek poseur:

  • I love Star Wars but I couldn’t possibly tell you the order or titles of the 6 films without giving it a serious amount of thought checking Wikipedia.
  • I am a total web geek but I can’t code anything more complicated than JavaScript.
  • I have a Human Resources degree.
  • I was afraid of computers until my second year of business.
  • I own very few gadgets, as much as I love them. I have a Motorola Milestone but no MP3 player, no GPS, no digital SLR camera, no webcam, no Apple anything.
  • And my deepest, darkest geek poseur revelation: I like people. More than computers. I know!
Just totally killed my geek cred. Crap.

Oh well. Too late now.

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