Kewl app alert: Rapportive adds social media to your Gmail

Ok, so you've got your Gmail. And it's awesome because they keep adding to your storage. And you have your Gmail contacts which is great because you have thousands of your contacts in there, imported from all your jobs, your Hotmail, and your little black book.

But sometimes you wish you could see more info about people who email you: do you follow them on Twitter? Are you connected on Facebook? That's where Rapportive comes in.

Rapportive is a Gmail extension that adds a column of social media info to the right of your emails, and lets you access the social media profile of the person sending you the email. For companies, it adds links to their site, blog, etc.

It's brilliant, it's light and it's MORE DATA! Cause face it, there's really not enough data out there. LOL Seriously, check it out. Betcha'll download it right away.

And when you fall in love with it, make sure to leave me a comment and thank me ;)

(Source: Mashable)

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