The low-down on Capital CupCake Camp

So I've been tweeting like mad for a couple of weeks about this Sunday's Capital Cupcake Camp and lots of people have been asking what on earth I am going on about. Now, that's not different than usual but in this case I am more than happy to explain myself ;)

Capital Cupcake Camp is a fundraiser for women & children's charities. You buy a ticket. You taste cupcakes. You mingle. That's it.

Pure awesomesauce.

(Oh, there's a competition with categories and celebrity judges and all that... but I'm all about the EATING CUPCAKES part. And the networking.)

It runs this Sunday, Sept. 26 from 1-4 at Ottawa City Hall.

There are amateur and professional bakers who will be supplying cupcakes, and a few hundred people eating cupcakes, networking and broadcasting the awesomeness via social media.

I want in! Now what?
To find out more, follow @CapitalCupcake. This account is managed by some of my favourite Ottawa tweeps: @IanCapstick, @foodieprints, @hellokaitlin, @girlaboutotown, @jennifercross.

Follow tweets using hashtag #CapitalCupcakeCamp. (And if you go, tweet using the hashtage when you're there!)

Read the Capital Cupcake Camp blog.

Check out the Facebook page.

To buy a ticket or sign up as a baker, check out Capital Cupcake on Eventbrite.

Hurry! This thing is going to sell out!!!

And if you go, please let me know! Would love to say hi. I plan to be there between 2:30 & 4:00.

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