What are the best free web apps of all time?

So PC World published their Top 10 best free web apps of all time earlier this year. IMHO, I agree with a few items on the list, such as DropBox, IMDB and OpenOffice.

But if this was my list, I'd add a few items:
  • Picnik - Free online image editing app. Most of the images on my blog have been edited or resized using Picnik.
  • Doodle - An ingenious way to book meetings with people who don't share the same Calendar system (e.g. associates, family members). Works like a survey. Super simple. Absolutely brilliant.
  • ScreenToaster - An online screen recorder: records your actions on-screen. Great for demos, tutorials, workflow/ app dev.
  • Accessible YouTube - Pop in a YouTube video URL and watch YouTube videos in an accessible interface.
  • Blog This Chrome extension - Saves the page you're on as a draft Blogger entry. This is how I have 20+ draft blog articles going at any time.
  • MapMyRun - Fantastic online running log.
  • Dia - Technically not a web app, but it's a free downloadable vector diagramming app (think Visio).
  • And my number one recommendation...
  • Seesmic Web - The. Best. Twitter. App. 'Nuf sed.
What are your favourite free web apps? Do you agree with the PC World list? My list? What's on yours?

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