Friday fun: Roomba Pac-Man

Got a Roomba? Got 5? How about setting up some Roomba Pac-Man!?

I absolutely love this video for the following reasons:
  1. It's Pac-Man!
  2. With ROOMBAS!
  3. It starts with a short game, then proceeds to explain how they did it.
  4. It links to the developers' site ( where you can find additional tips, downloads and isntructions to build your own.
  5. It's Pac-Man! With ROOMBAS!
What's even more incredible is that if you watch really closely, you'll notice that the ghosts don't disturb the dots when they move around the board. Only Pac-Man sweeps them up. And the logic behind it! The ghosts are autonomous, the player only moves Pac-Man.

Once again, proof that there are much, much, MUCH more bored smarter people in the world than me.


p.s. if you build one, I sooooo want to come over for a playdate at your house.

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