I still hate Foursquare but I'd like to check in here

I'm just a scared little girl. I don't regularly post about my current location when I am out and about, especially if it is out of the city. This is for a variety or reasons:

  • I like a certain amount of privacy
  • I enjoy my safety (and my family's)
  • I'm fiercely protective of my son's online presence (read: lack of) and privacy
  • I don't want people knowing when I go out of town, for my home's safety
If I do go away and I want to talk about it, I'll do so upon my return. Again, I'm a scared little girl when it comes to my personal safety, and geo-located apps just freak me out.

Now, this week Foursquare announced a new location added to its roster. And this might just be the only place I would ever consider checking into Foursquare from....

The Space Station! Check it out!

(Source: Gov Fresh)

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