More proof Droid rocks: Live Circuitboard wallpaper

I love my Google Android phone for many reasons, not the least of which is the ability to scroll through multiple desktops. I have 10 home screens (plugin increased from original 5) that I can customize with different kinds of app or widget shortcuts. I have a "get organized screen" with memos, shopping lists, maps, and other similar widgets. I have my main home screen with my most used shortcuts. I have a reading screen with shortcuts to news sites, magazine sites, my Google reader app. And so on.

Developers have taken to developing custom backgrounds that enable users to interact with their screens in interesting ways, and which scroll as the user scrolls through their multiple desktops. The neat thing is that what you see on your home desktop is not the whole wallpaper. As you move through your desktops, more gets exposed.

I love great design, and the video below shows an ingenious wallpaper which looks like a live circuitboard. It turns your Droid phone into a live little machine, complete with interactive components. Check out the video to see what gets uncovered as you scroll through the desktops, and the interactive features the developers built in.

Engadget posted this a while ago and it is just plain old geeky fun.

It's called aCircuit Board and can be found on the Droid Market, via your phone. According to the video, it sells for 99 yen.

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