The mundane gets breathtakingly magnified

I came across this mesmerizing series of pics earlier this week in my Google Reader, via One Cool Thing a Day. I stared at all the pretty colours for a few minutes before I read the descriptions. Amazingly, these are pictures of mundane domestic items (or creatures) magnified 2 MILLION times. (Now say, "Meeellliiiooon" ala Dr. Evil, with your pinky up. You know you waaaaant to.)

These pics don't really speak for themselves. I actually found them amazingly compelling when I first came upon them, and even more so when I discovered what they actually were. Take a look for yourself!

And please share if you've seen any other science/geek related photo essays. I'd love to showcase more of them!

Head of a mosquito

A cigarette paper- the blue crystals are additives that keep the lit cigarette burning by producing oxygen

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(Source: One Cool Thing A Day)

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