Geek Jewelry: Shiny. Smart. Awesome.

Geekettes, you may remember the stunningly gorgeous (and crazy expensive) Pi Necklace.

Well, I've found another company that not only also has a Pi necklace but goes one better. They will produce custom math-related jewelry. Yes, the Robert Christopher Company caters directly to geeks. Yeah, they pander to the broader masses with stuff like, you know, diamonds. But, they know how to reach into your little geeky heart and tug on those math-loving heart-strings.

For example, instead of just jumping on the Pi necklace bandwagon (does 2 companies make it a bandwagon?), they will Custom. Design. Geek. Jewelry. Pick your fave number and order its first 100 digits in necklace form or 42 digits in bracelet form.

So why stop at Pi? Why not get the square root of your birthday numbers? Or the first 42 digits of e. Anything your geeky little heart desires. Same goes for their 100 digit necklaces.

Damn, that's kewl. Christmas, anyone?

More: The Robert Christopher Company

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