I'm a finalist! The 2010 CWAs (Updated)

I was fortunate enough to be nominated earlier this year for the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards. You might have seen the badge on my blog, specifying that I was a nominee in the Science, Technology and Internet category.

Today, I got a tweet from @sarah_millar congratulating me on being one of the 5 finalists in my category. Can I get a w00t!?

Here's the listing. You should check out my peers. They have some pretty kewl blogs:
A quick glance through the rest of the list revealed that there is a pretty large contingent of local Ottawa bloggers that I read, including:
Wow, good luck to everyone :)

UPDATE: Looks like I missed at least few in my original list and have now updated (twice!). If I missed any other Ottawa blogs, leave me a comment!

UPDATE (Jan. 4): So I lost out to some incredible bloggers, which is fine by me. There's always 2011! As compensation, I found out from a commenter that I was mentioned in a CWA article in my alma mater's paper, The Fulcrum. Kewl! And special thanks to Chelsea for the mention and wonderfully kind words about my blog.

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