Magical Cure to Everything! The Placebo Band

In a world where everyone is looking for the magic blue pill to solve all their problems, Skeptic Bros. has come up with what just might be the funniest product I've ever seen.

Introducing... The Placebo Band

According to the site:
Placebo Band uses two powerful, scientifically proven effects, the placebo effect (Placebo) and confirmation bias (Confirmation Bias), that, combined with a subtle alteration in your own activities, help to strengthen your own personal desired outcomes and even desired outcomes in others!
That's right - it does NOTHING! But as we all know from science research, the placebo effect can sometimes be very effective in altering a person's behaviour or even curing ailments.

What I love most about these snake oil vendors is that they are so. blatently. obvious. about it. Same with their customers; the comments section is quite funny to read through.

Skeptic Bros' honesty seems to be working: they are back-ordered for placebo bands at this time. :) Find out more at Skeptic Bros.

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