Poll: Do you Tweet or Twitter? (UPDATED with results)

Ok, Tweeps. Now, I'm known for my love of The Twitter.

(And yes, I like to call it The Twitter. On purpose. Not like all those people who call it The Twitter because they don't know any better.)

Anyway, today I was listening to an interview of Amber Mac conducted by Duct Tape Marketing. And she talked about people "twittering". And I thought: "really?! Twittering?!" She's the first social media personality I've ever heard use that word. So then it got me thinking (once the willies had died down), do people actually refer to the act of using Twitter as "twittering"?

So, I thought I'd ask you: When you talk about posting messages to Twitter, do you say that you TWEET (as in: I tweeted that) or TWITTER (as in: I twittered that)?

You voted and here are the results...

What about you? Did you vote? Do you agree?

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