Fun Friday: Damn You Autocorrect


This is the type of text I usuallly receive from my friend, @kristaston. Usually around 9pm. And usually when I am doing the same thing... reading (DYAC).

Have you ever typed something in your mobile device, only to have the autocorrect function swap in a random, unrelated word and subsequently change the entire meaning of your message? Did you hit send before you realized it?

DYAC is a funny library of screen caps from those exact situations when words like "holiday" and "leggings" were swapped for "holocaust" and "lettuce", respectively.

The results are offensive, horrifying and funny as hell.

Here are some of my faves:

At a recent holiday party, we played DYAC: we put up sheets of paper on which we had transcribed some of our favourite discussions from DYAC and underlined the word which had been replaced. Participants went around the room trying to figure out what the original word should have been. The results were hilarious. A very fun game, indeed.

Are you a DYAc addict? Post a link to your fave in comments!

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