Kewl Design Alert: A Tron Light Cycle IRL

So Jeff Bridges is hosting SNL this weekend which means it's time for the new TRON! #nergasm

In the spirit of the Tron: Legacy launch, I bring you two clips of pure light cycle awesomeness.

First, if you've got $55K lying around (or, hey, Christmas is just right around the corner and you have been good enough, right?) you can own a real light cycle. It looks like a challenge to drive and it's most definitely not street legal, but there are only a few being made and you're worth it.

And of course, the original Light Cycle sequence from the 1982 version of Tron. Man, I remember when I first saw this movie: I was 7 and this was the kewlest thing I'd ever seen. Enjoy this little blast from the past:

(Source: Wonderment Blog)

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