Send Great Personalized Messages From Santa

First up... Personalized Video Message from Santa

Sympatico is offering personalized video messages from Santa once again this year. They're really well done, with preprogrammed sequences, including names. You can choose messages, pick your recipient's name, and include seemingly personal details, selected from drop-down lists. The final product is professional, personal and best of all FREE.

You can find this one at

Even kewler: Personalized Phone Call from Santa

Google Voice is promoting personalized phone calls from Santa. If you live in the US, this one is really kewl because you can actually enter in a phone number and the recipient will get an honest-to-goodness phone call from the Big Guy in Red. If you live in Canada, you can send a link to the website to have the recipient listen online, which is still effective with the little people.

Again this can be customized, though to a lesser degree than the Sympatico one (no names) but they do have nicknames, so you should have seen The Dude's face when Santa called him "Dude". ;) You can find this one at or check out more details on the Google Blog.

Know of any more?

If you know of any other online kewlness with which I can completely confuse The Dude about whether Santa does or does not exist, be sure to leave a link in the comments!

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