Spydergrrl's 2010 Top Geeky Xmas Gifts

So you've got a geek to shop for? LUCKY YOU! Geeks are awesome to buy for because there is soooo much geeky goodness to choose from. Below is a sampling (albeit a large one) of my favourite geeky items from 2010, all of which I wrote about over the course of the year. The links will bring you to my earlier post on each item.

Thanks to @steve_hutchings for the post suggestion.

Better pour yourself a latte, pull out your credit card and get shopping! The advantage to all of these is that you can shop for them pantless from the comfort of your mom's basement, without stepping away from your computer.

So without further ado, here's my Top 31 - a list of my faves from the items I brought you this year (and as you will see, I even included a few items for you iThing lovers):

Computer Accessories & Gadgets
For your typical geek.

Low-tech tools
For the geek who still looks away from their monitor occasionally.

Kid Stuff
For the budding geek.

For the blingy geek.

Because geeks do have a uniform.

Which judging by the size of this category, might be my favourite category of geek items.

Hardcore Geek Gifting
For that hard-to-buy-for, super geek.
There. Phew! I need a nap. Happy shopping!

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