Top 10 Top Ten Lists of 2010

As a follow up to last year's Top 10 Top Ten Lists of 2009, I present you with this year's compilation, including a review of some early year predictions to see if they got things right. I promised Lynn I would do it, and I kept my word!

A look back

Enjoy and please feel free to add links to your favourite Top 10 lists in the comments!
  1. Top 10 searched terms on Google
    The top ten includes such gems as iPad, Justin Bieber, Twitter, Chatroulette and Facebook. A sorry statement on our current interests in popular culture. Ugh.
  2. Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010
    More Ugh.
  3. Even better, check out all of the Twitter Top 10s by category.
    Categories include person, movie, tech and more.
  4. Top 10 Videos of 2010
    Of course, this link includes the Double Rainbow. What does it mean?
  5. The 10 Most Significant Gadgets of 2010
    AKA Spydergrrl's wish list for Xmas 2011. ;)
  6. Top 10 Technology Flops of 2010
    This category could also be renamed "#FAIL".
  7. Top 10 Digital Advertising Trends of 2010
    Honestly, I think this list should be qualified with "in the US" because I've never heard of some items listed.
  8. Top 10 Movies for the Modern Tech Geek
    You can't go wrong with a list that includes Tron, Iron Man and Inception. I've seen them all except Collapsus. And you?
  9. Top 10 Myths About Technology
    How many of these did/do you believe?
  10. Top 20 Green Tech Ideas
    Ok, so it's more than 10 but it's the green category so it's worth it :)

Predictions: How did they do?

Last year I also included a couple of prediction lists to see how they measured up. Here are two of the more interesting ones. How do you think they measured up?

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