Google Sends Android to Space

In case you missed it, right before Christmas, those fun-loving Googlers sent a Droid phone into near space to see if it would work up there.

Using weather balloons and foam coolers, they sent a few Nexus S as high as 100,000 feet into the air, at speeds up to 140mph. And they shot the whole thing on HD cameras.

So who cares? Seems Google was able to run a bunch of apps and track their data, including Google Maps and Sky Maps (an astronomy app that is much loved in my house). They will be doing more with the data over time, but for now we have this great footage we can enjoy:

Sadly, that cute little Droid figurine fell off the platform during descent and might now be a dangerous piece of space junk, or — I hope — burnt up on re-entry...

(Source: Internet's Best Secrets)


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