New Year, New Look (Updated)

Last January, I gave my blog a little makeover. It made my blog feel fresh and new and served as additional motivation to keep plugging away on new, shiny, geeky content. This week I thought, another new year, why not another refresh?

So welcome to my new look. Here's what I've done:
  • redesigned the header (see below)
  • changed the colour scheme including a little depth to the background
  • added "Popular Posts" to right navigation (listing the most read posts in last 30 days),
  • added my contact info to my profile (vs. just commenting :)
  • added a Facebook "Like" button to my posts. If you're logged into Facebook, it will automatically add the post to your newsfeed and share with your friends. Of course, the ShareThis button is still available if you prefer to share on a different platform.
  • removed some of the clutter from the right column
Special shout-out to Rob Taylor (@Daegurth) for working with me on the colour scheme and background.

I've got more changes planned, including a new interview column where I'll be asking some of my favourite bloggers about their favourite gadgets and geek tendencies. Stay tuned!

Meantime, now my blog has gone through 2 facelifts in so many years. Here's a little look back at its evolution:




What about you? Are you planning anything new for your blog this year? New content? New features? A blog refresh of your own? Leave a comment and a link!


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