Round-up: A Geeky Look at CES (Um, wait, that's redundant)

So for reasons that always escape me, CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) always takes place immediately after the new year, launching hundreds of new consumer products just after all the geeks went out and bought themselves gadgetry for Christmas. It's a full on geekgasm of TVs, computers, mobile devices, and every geeky gadget you can imagine. Last year, it was the forum for the iPad launch.

There are a few key trends to CES: sales-pitchy keynotes, long line-ups, booth babes, celebrity endorsements and gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets. PC World put together a great slideshow for people who want to get a sense of the experience.

This year, everyone seemed to be coming out with some sort of tablet to try competing with the iPad and of course there were lots and lots of smartphones. But also some real gems, outside of the mainstream.

Here are some fun highlights:
  • iCade: This was an April Fool's joke on ThinkGeek, but it garnered enough interest to become a product. A product that is even sold out right now.
  • Breffo's SpiderPodium: a gadget stand that can be manipulated to fit anything from your smartphone to your iPad.
  • Gorilla Glass: Ok, so it's not entirely new, but this product by Corning seems to have really caught on at this year's CES. I have it on my Droid, which makes it close to bullet-proof. Good thing since I am a klutz. Gorilla Glass will be on the new Sony Bravia TVs and ACER's new tablets.
  • Samsung's ultra thin HD TVs: as suggested by @mjmclean, are stunning and so sleek!
  • Intel's 2nd generation core processors: to make our computers faster, better for all of our online media consumption.
  • ThinkGeek's iPad joystick: Leave it to ThinkGeek to come up with an old-school joystick that works with the iPad. So kewl!
  • Lenovo's Ice Case: makes your desktop computer look like it's encased in a block of ice.
  • Lexar USB backup drives: Tiny USB thumbnail drives to back up your data quickly, anywhere. Way faster and higher capacity than standard USB thumb drives, with encryption and indicator screens. It's about time!
  • The gorgeous Tesla Model S: A new model of Tesla's electric cars, featuring a 17-inch screen by which to completely forget about driving...
  • Samsung's Slider Tablet: Finally, a thin tablet that has a keyboard that slides out. For people like me who think that tablets are ok for consumption, but not for creating content. Now if it could just run Droid OS...
  • ...but this one does: Motorola Xoom tablet: too bad it doesn't have a sliding keyboard...
  • And a sure-fire addition to dorm-rooms of the future: NVidia's Beer PC. (see video below)

What did you like in this year's CES? Leave a comment!


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