Kewl Design Alert: Almost Steampunk Acoustic iPhone 4 Speaker

I love when entrepreneurs take it upon themselves to fund their ideas, using a crowdsource approach. I've blogged before about Quirky, another crowdsource-funding site for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Kickstarter is another such site, where ARKWHAT Design has a really kewl acoustic speaker for iPhones. Now as you all know, I don't do the iThings, but I am a fan of really. kewl. design. (and crowdsourcing, obviously)

I think this is a really neat product, especially considering it will only retail for $13! ARKWHAT is looking for pledges to reach the $13,000 minimum in order to be able to produce the product. Pledges are really pre-payments toward the product, or the entire collection, depending on how much a "donor" contributes.

Here's a short interview with the designer, and a product demo. What a kewl idea!

What do you think? Would you use it?



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