Kewl Site Alert: Twitter Status Blog (UPDATED)

So we've all been there: like crack addicts waiting for Twitter to load or refresh only to get an error or some molasses-in-January action. And then what does everyone do? Take to Twitter to message friends to find out what's wrong with Twitter. Which then slows Twitter to a crawl and eventual #fail Whale.

But not you. No, you're in the know. You know that there's a place where you can go to check on Twitter's current status and view or report on a problem. You just head on over to and check for yourself.

And then you proactively tweet out Twitter's status with the calm, cool, collectedness that your friends are totally lacking. And watch that sucker get RT'd till the cows come home and your follower count skyrockets into @aplusk land.

(Ok, maybe that last part is a bit of a stretch, but at least now you know how to check your addiction to see if you'll be getting your fix any time soon.)

And in the event that Twitter claims nothing is wrong, that it's not them, it's you, don't forget you can pop on over to one of the myriad internet connection testing tools to find out if it really IS you.

Tweet on, my friends. Tweet on.

UPDATE: @macjudith informs me that there is a one-stop-shop site where you can check all of your addictions on a single dashboard! They're all there: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc, even shopping sites like Amazon & eBay! (I`ll let you regain your composure. Ok, here we go...) Check How kewl is that!?


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