Shameless Plug For Votes: I'm up for a Shorty Award in #Innovation

WTF are the Shorty Awards?

It's a popularity contest community-driven voting process by Tweeps for Tweeps. The intent is to "(recognize) each content creator's entire body of work, not just an individual tweet."

Later this month, 6 finalists from each category will be chosen. Winners will be selected based on votes and a panel from the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences.

Here's the kewl part: the awards ceremony is March 28, 2011 at the Times Center in New York City. Ok, no wait, here's the kewl part: Speeches have to be 140 characters - LOL.

I've been nominated for a Shorty Award in a few different categories, but so far the Innovation Category seems to be taking the lead.

At last check, I was ranked 45th out of 90 nominees. It's a total long shot: I need about 200 more votes to break the top 6 but wouldn't it be fun?

Would you help a sister out?

It's quick, painless and easy. But please note: you need a Twitter account.
  1. Go to my Shorty Award page
  2. Fill in the Voting form. This part is important: It's prepopulated with "I nominate @spydergrrl for a Shorty Award in #innovation because...". You must finish the sentence or the vote doesn't count.
  3. Click "Tweet your vote!"
  4. One more thing, please tell your friends :)
More: Shorty Awards

Special thanks to @alexmathayes who surprised me with my first nomination.


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