UPDATE: Outtakes and Bloopers from that Adorable VW Young Darth Vader Ad

So by now, unless you live in your mom's basement a cave, you've probably seen the VW Young Darth Vader Superbowl ad I featured earlier last week. The Superbowl version was much shorter, so I suggest you go take a look at the original. Don't worry, we'll wait.....

Ok, ready?

VW has released some of the deleted scenes and bloopers from the ad. That kid is super adorable. I especially love the scene where the parents bow down in a Wayne's World-esque "we're not worthy" shout-out. :)

If you're interested in some analysis of the ad, check out the post on Penelope's Trunk about how this ad reflects Gen X family values. The post is interesting as well as major points of discussion: one that the viewers tend to argue whether the child is a boy or a girl (although the ad description on YouTube says "he" -- and per The Dude, that's his sister's bedroom) and (my personal fave) someone disputing the entire post saying: "Xers are convinced they invented the nuclear family…" LOL

(Source: @imageisfound)


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