B-Listed: Spydergrrl on the Web (Almost) Makes the List of Essential Ottawa Blogs

Now how's that for an almost announcement of a near win?!

Bear with me for a second: it's not every day that this geek gets to be listed alongside some of the great Ottawa bloggers.

You see, last month Ottawa Start published their list of Essential Ottawa Blogs and in came up with a nice round number: 26. Guess there's too much awesomeness in the Ottawa blogosphere to stop at 25.

Well, clearly that must be the case, because they then followed it up with Another 30 or so blogs about Ottawa that you should be reading. Catchy title, eh? ;)

Well, I was incredibly humbled to find that Spydergrrl on the Web made the B list.

It's always fun to learn that other people actually read my blog and that all these ramblings pouring out of my head serve to entertain and make the world a slightly geekier place.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes, check out both lists, and add some Ottawa-based RSS feeds to your reader. It'll be worth it. I promise.

(Thanks to very kind folks at Ottawa Start for the shout-out!)

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