Friday Fun: Listening to MS Paint in Audio Player = Video Game-Like Soundtrack

How on earth do you geeks come up with this stuff? Honestly, you people never cease to amaze me.

YouTube User r2blend posted a video of an incredibly kewl and game-like audio sequence that he created by putting MS Paint into an audio player. Seriously, who would even think to do that?

If you import an EXE file into an audio program as audio data, you hear all kinds of cool stuff. The most awesome by far for me was MS Paint.

It's probably one of the coolest things I've ever heard form something like this. All I did to the audio was master it slightly to make it sound less harsh to the ears, as well as remove a long section of noise.
The result sounds like some weird game soundtrack. Will this become a new trend in audio production? Should we all start listening to our favourite apps? I wonder what Seesmic Desktop sounds like? ;)

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