Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fun: My Favourite Podcasts

So if you follow me on the Twitter, you probably know that I am transitioning to a new job over the next couple of weeks, one that moves me from web operations into social media strategy.

It's not only a great opportunity, but it's also closer to home. And accessible by bus. Which makes my little green heart very happy. I'm going to go from driving 500km/week to busing half of that.

One thing that won't change is that I'll still be filling my Droid with podcasts to fill the time. I've been asked on more that one occasion what it is that I listen to. It might surprise (or not) but I listen to a lot of marketing/PR podcasts, in addition to the tech ones. Here's my shortlist of favourite podcasts, in order of preference:
Anything you think I should add to my list? What do you listen to in tech, social media, marketing, PR and comms?


Anonymous said...

I like For Immediate Release, The Hobson and Holtz Report.

spydergrrl said...

Thanks, I'll check those out :)

Sarah said...

I have to add the Age of Persuasion by Terry O'Reilly — also a CBC show. (One that took forever to come to podcast form due to negotiating the rights for all the ads in it.) Great, great podcast.

Anonymous said...

Leo does rock. Almost never miss a TWIT or TWIS episode!