Geek Fashion: Forget the Flux Capacitor, I want a Luck Capacitor

I talk with my hands and even think with my hands (just put me near a whiteboard and ask me a question). And when I'm on a conference call, I love to have toys to play with to keep my hands busy (otherwise I will check my email). #notObsessed #really

So that's where items like Lucky Capacitors from girlgeekboutique on Etsy appeal to me. Officially, they are cute accessories that "(store) electric charge, that life force of geekery, but never hesitates to give it back when you need it," according to the product description. It's a cute, geeky lucky charm to have with you whenever you need it.

Except in addition to it being a lucky charm, I could see myself mindlessly playing with one of these, or constantly twisting it around in similar fashion to the Koosh balls and squeezable stress dolls on my desk. They're small and come in a variety of funky colours to boot. What's not to love? Oh and of course, you can carry a little geekdom with you wherever you go (assuming you don't have a geek girl tattoo on your arm ;)

(Source: @grlgk)

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