Kewl Charity Alert: Has Twitter been good to you? Give back at Twestival Ottawa!

Twestival Ottawa is coming March 24th!

If Twitter's been good to you, now's the chance to give back.

Twitter's been very good to me: I use it daily to do my job, I'm on it nightly to chat with other geeks and locals, I've won things, been places, done stuff and met people I never would have without being on Twitter. And for that, I am very grateful.

For me, Twestival is an opportunity to help promote a great cause through my Twitter network, and rub elbows with some of my favourite Tweeps.

A Fundraiser With a Difference

Twestival is not your standard run of the mill fundraiser. We all see posts from folks asking for donations to causes whose overhead will skim a large percentage off the top, and reduce the amount of your contribution that makes to those who need it.

In this respect, Twestival completely stands out. By that I mean, when the organizers say, "The funds we're raising will go towards The Royal Foundation for Mental Health's efforts to launch specialized Women’s and Cultural Health programs" they mean it.

ALL the funds. ALL.
  • There are no credit card fees on the ticket registration, Amiando.
  • The location, Daly's, is a donation.
  • Local businesses are offering up items for a silent auction.
  • Every single dollar raised will go to The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health.
There aren't many events where you can say that. Which is why I'll be there.

I'll also be there for a few other reasons:
  • Some of my loved ones have battled depression.
  • Mental Health issues deserve more attention and openness.
  • The Royal Ottawa is an important Ottawa resource.
  • The tragic passing of Daron Richardson reminds us that mental health issues can affect any age.
Mental health is a topic near and dear to my heart. I think it should be discussed openly in order to reduce the stigma that surrounds it. If you think for only a moment, you will likely recognize someone close to you who might have battled post-partum, depression, anxiety... It's probably closer than you realise.

Join us at Twestival!

I encourage you to buy a ticket and join your fellow tweeps. If you can't make it, you can make a donation and again all the funds go to the Royal Ottawa Foundation. If Twitter's been good to you, now's the chance to give back.

And wear something purple to Twestival in honour of Daron.

Update: Ok, Chelsea pointed out that I don't have any event details, specifically, and that they are hard to find on the Twestival Ottawa website. True enough. I wasn't planning on posting them since FoodiePrints already did that, so go on over to their fab site to get the low-down on what's gonna happen at Twestival.

See you the 24th!

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