Kewl Design Alert: Corning Video Shows The Future of Touchable Tech

So the folks over at Corning Glass are big thinkers, and personally I like what they're thinking. They put together this futuristic video, depicting how glass products might surround us, turning everything into touch screens. Some of this we're already seeing with the Microsoft Touch and other apps, but seeing the entire vision all together like this... can you imagine?

Of course, there are practical considerations like my fave comment on the YouTube Channel: "Imagine all those fingerprints to clean!!" by peterbhill. And of course, what in the kitchen counter is letting grandma see the kids as they are talking to her? But like any good sci fi movie, you need to suspend disbelief and just take it all in.

Speaking of which, this is from the press release:
Does the world showcased in “A Day Made of Glass” seem like something out of a fantasy movie? Jim Clappin, president of Corning Glass Technologies, reminds us that, just a decade ago, pay phones, VCRs, and film cameras were also commonplace. Today, we’re accustomed to movies streaming on demand to a 60-inch television hanging on the wall and to video calls on notebook computers, essentially for free.
For the record, in my head, this is where I already live ;)

(Source: Hubby :)


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