Making a Gesture: Why I Love Earth Hour (despite all the detractors)

Earth Hour is once again upon us and I, for one, am very excited about it. My family and I will be participating, in fact we'll likely have the lights off for most of the evening as we sit around and chat by candlelight.

As I wrote in last year's post on the subject:
I know there are detractors. Those who think that this is an empty gesture which doesn't change peoples' actual energy consumption throughout the rest of the year.

But you know what? I don't care.

Anything that gets people talking (good or bad) about energy consumption and climate change is ok by me.
Gestures are just that. Gestures. And Earth Hour is just a gesture. And by just I mean a gesture that is performed by millions of people around the world. No, in itself, Earth Hour does not reverse climate change. But you know what?
  • Running the Terry Fox Run doesn't end cancer.
  • And starving yourself during the 30 Hour Famine doesn't end world hunger.
  • And buying anything Red doesn't rid the world of AIDS.
But they are all gestures that get people thinking and talking and that's the point.

So I will be sitting in my living room tonight, drinking some wine in honour of my Mom (who passed away 15 years ago and would have been 69 today) and munching on some yummy cupcakes (for my own birthday in a few days), and enjoying some lovely company by the light of some gorgeous candles.

And you? Will you be participating?

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