Movies IRL: The "Up" House

What happens when movies come to life? A bunch of engineers, scientists and balloon pilots (what now?) decided to launch a house à la Disney's Up. Using giant weather balloons, they got the house up to 10,000 feet and flew it for an hour. (K, that just sounds weird.)

According to the Inside NGC blog, "All you need is a team of scientists, engineers, world-class balloon pilots, a 16X16 ft house, 300 balloons that fill up to 8 ft tall when inflated, and the National Geographic Channel and you're all set! Easy as pie." (Insert "don't do this at home" disclaimer here)

Apparently the stunt is one of many to come since it's going to be part of a new series, How Hard Can It Be?, coming this fall.

Find out more about the show on the National Geographic Channel's Inside NGC Blog.

(Source: Wonder How To Blog)

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