QR Code Usage: Not Always Convenient For Users (Infographic)

Mashable posted this great infographic about QR codes, from JumpScan (a QR Code company). While it's not exactly chock-full of information, you can — tada! — use the QR codes in the graphic to link to more!

It's definitely a novel use of QR codes, but also an annoying one: I'm viewing this on a laptop, guys. And my phone's in the kitchen nowhere near me. I wish you'd make the infographic clickable too. Proof that you still need to keep the user in mind when doing kewl stuff. How hard would it have been to provide text link for each QR code beside the graphic, an image map to hotspot the codes on the graphic...? QR codes are completely inaccessible, and in my opinion only convenient for a user that is offline. I don't want the hassle of transferring to my phone in the middle of surfing the web on my compuer.

If QR codes are going to get some traction, then we need some guidelines for usage: placement, platform, minimum size (as @scilib and @daegurth commented on twitter, they are often printed too small to be usable). It's like HTML, we need a standard to make them universal. (And let's add some User Experience Design FTW!)

Regardless, it's still an interesting infographic. Take a look!

(Source: Mashable)

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