Trash | Track: The Carbon Footprint Of Your Trash Might Surprise You! (video)

MIT Students wanted to track how far garbage goes once we throw it out, so they had 500 people tag 3,000 pieces of trash with small electronic tags and then they tracked them as the trash was picked up. Maybe I'm naive, but I had no idea that some of our trash travels. so. far.

According to the project website:
The project is an initial investigation into understanding the 'removal-chain' in urban areas and it represents a type of change that is taking place in cities: a bottom-up approach to managing resources and promoting behavioral change through pervasive technologies.
I was quite shocked by the results. Some of the trash went clear across the country! By air! I had no idea that grabage would travel by air. Imagine, even after we're done with our products, they still accumulate a carbon footprint.

This project won the NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, so hopefully the message will get out and this video will catch people's attention and reduce their use of non-recylables.

Watch the video and see the trails develop. Then do something about it.

(Source: Live88.5 on Facebook)

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