Chem Class Was Never This Fun (video)

So when I was in high school, chem class was one of my worst marks. I tried and I tried but the concepts of chem (and physics) were completely beyond me. As a good little nerd geek, I did extra work, got help from my teacher and yet, couldn't muster anything above a 68. Definitely not my forte.

And we had one of those chem teachers. He truly could have been a handsome man if he'd taken off the coke bottle glasses, beige sweater vest and (I kid you not) pocket protector. In fact, he was handsome enough for us to have created a whole alter-ego for him. We'd tell each other all sorts of stories: "That man barefoot waterskis in his spare time. He has to." (Now before you say it, I actually did listen in class. See note about extra work above ;)

But this. This might have made the difference. If chem class had been fun and visual, I might have actually been able to understand it. Ok, that will never happen. But you can still check out the video and have fun with chemistry!

(Source: International Year of Chemistry Facebook page)

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