Cloud Computing Explained - in English! (Infographic & Video)

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked, "What's cloud computing?" and you were at a loss for words that a neophyte regular person could understand?

Infographic breaks it all down

I found this really great infographic from Wikibon Blog that explain the 3 types of clouds and provides examples of their usage across different types of businesses. It gives real-world examples of private, public and hybrid clouds and uses a simple cloud/plane analogy to demonstrate the relative size of networks, with raindrops representing company size (in terms of employees).

It's a fantastic resource. I'd suggest clicking through to the full-size image and then saving it for future reference. Mine hangs in my office for quick tutorials access.

The only thing I find it doesn't answer is the security question. It would have been great to further the plane analogy with some sort of air traffic control to demonstrate the security of putting data (or planes) in the cloud.

In Plain English Video

You can also check out this fantastic Cloud Computing in Plain English video from Common Craft. If you've never watched a Common Craft video before, you've been missing out on an amazing presentation resource: their videos explain the most complex concepts in simple business terms. I absolutely love them and use In Plain English videos whenever I can to explain Web 2 concepts.

(Caveat: They don't allow embedding, but they're worth the click.)

If you have other great resources, leave a comment!

(Source: Wikibon Blog)

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