Crowdsourced Demos Go Head-to-Head on Google Demo Slam (video)

Ever wonder if you're getting the most out of those free Google products, but no idea where to look? The help files aren't always the easiest to navigate, and really all you want is a simple, short video to help you along. And there are just. too. many. on YouTube. So where do you go?

Google Demo Slam, that's where!

According to the site, Demo Slam is:
[a] stage where charisma, creativity, and maybe even a dash of courage can finally make demos gotta-show-your-friends awesome. Anyone can slam. Even our CFO Patrick made one... So choose your tech and get the people who would never watch a tech demo (ironically the people who need them most) to finally discover this coolness.
Brilliantly, Google is crowdsourcing tech support and training videos for the masses, but because of the spin, the videos end up being many times more interesting than the usual tech support fodder.

The Slam part comes by pitting videos against each other in a head-to-head competition for Demo awesomeness. Click the Slam button to pull up two random videos, watch both and vote for your favourite.

The site is full of fun, fast-paced gems, like this one for Google Docs. Check it out and take a look around. Find out more about Demo Slam on the Google Blog or visit the Demo Slam website. (Just click the X to close the default video and access all the other ones)

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