Dell Announces Eco-Friendly Mushroom Packaging for Servers

We geeks love our gadgets, but there is definitely way too much packaging involved, no one can argue with that.

So this an interesting piece of tech news: Dell is moving to sustainable packaging for its servers. And not just any sustainable packaging, but mushroom-based. They actually grow it (insert grow-op joke here -- hey, I do live in the suburbs and those things are everywhere ;)

Dell announced:
we're proud that Dell is the first technology company to start pilot shipments. The initial pilot shipments will be for the PowerEdge R710 server in the Multipack packaging configuration. Four systems fit in one box which dramatically reduce packaging material.
The process is really neat, as described in this GreenBiz article:
[The manufacturer] creates plastic molds, fills them with agricultural waste and adds mycelia, mushroom roots, which grown around and digest the waste. Once the material has grown into the shape, it's heat treated to stop the growth, and the packaging is done.
Now how kewl is that?! Hopefully this kind of sustainable packing material will become more popular. Dog only knows the landfills, Pacific Gyre and recycling plants could use a break. And we geeks can continue to buy our gadgets without feeling guilty.

(Source: Engadget)

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