EggBot: The Geekiest Way to Decorate Your Eggs

Your kids want to decorate Easter Eggs. And when they leave the kitchen a dyed mess, with permanent stain on their fingers, you think: Calgon, take me away "There has to be a geekier, easier way of doing this."

And you're right. Of course, there is.

Introducing: Eggbot.

The DIY robot that decorates your eggs. Oh, it's not a pipe dream. It's a full-on DIY project with instructions, support and — hell yeah — a $195 kit you can buy to make it at home. Oh, and it's open-source.

Eggbot is officially the best way to add some Geek to your Easter. See it in action:

(Source: Me. Searching "easter geek" on Google. Cause that's what I do.)

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