Show Your Android Pride: T-shirts for the Droid Lover

Owners of Android devices are just as adamant about their Droid love as Apple fanboys are about their iThings. So what better way to express that feverish adoration than with a funky tshirt? Well I came across a Gizmodo article about a great Android t-shirt and did a little digging around the web to see what else I could find. Here are the fruits of my labours...

First up the t-shirt referenced in the Gizmodo article. I love the sense of humour of the folks over at iSteamAndy. From a King Kong Android to a Galileo-inspired technical drawing, their Droid shirts are wonderfully geeky and imaginative.

Here are a few other shirts from some other sources around the web:

And my fave (although it's sold out :( the Evolution to Android:

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