The Value and Power of Twitter (video)

Those of us on the thin edge of the wedge should constantly remind ourselves that only about 10% of the population is on Twitter. As we early adopters start to get bored with technology, we often write it off and move onto the next thing way before it even has a chance to hit critical mass.

So let's remind ourselves to breathe and be patient when a luddite someone asks whether Twitter is just people posting about their breakfasts (Note: this type of skeptical comment is usually accompanied by eye rolling.)

And while you breathe, show them this. Yes, it might be a Twitter marketing piece, but it's still accurate and hey, it's got some big names in it talking about how and why they use Twitter. (Of course, that may or may not help your cause) It will also give you time to remember your excitement about the how useful Twitter is for your work, your learning, and yes, your socializing, which you can then share with your audience.

Here are some more posts I wrote that could help you explain Twitter to the curious:

(Source: Tech 'N Marketing)

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