Buy a Rain Barrel, Help a Good Cause, and Get FREE Tickets to a Show

If you follow my Twitter stream, you know that I'm not only a fan of Canada Day in Barrhaven, but I'm also helping them out with their social media thanks to hubby being part of their organizing committee.

Don't let that detract from the shameless plug that follows ;) I'll keep it short.

If you are thinking of getting a rain barrel this summer (particularly important in Barrhaven, in light of the outdoor water ban) please consider getting it through the West Barrhaven Community Association via


  1. $10 from every barrel goes to Canada Day Barrhaven to make the day awesome
  2. the money stays in our community
  3. AND if you bring your receipt to Greenfields Pub on Wednesday May 11, it will get you and a friend FREE entry to Barrhaven Battle of the Bands

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