Get Smarter: List of Every Public Twitter Chat

I regularly take part in several Twitter chats. Generally, they each run about an hour long once a week and can be rapid-fire exchanges of ideas. For example, Blogchat has over 1,000 participants, so the tweet stream moves constantly with tons of side conversations in addition to the main stream. I have a lot of tricks to staying on top of those types of chats, but will keep those for another post.

In addition to #blogchat, I also participate in #ungeeked, #govchat, #aDadsPOV, #ProfsChat, among others. What I love is the variety of the participants' experience with the topics. I get to learn and contribute my knowledge to n00bs. They're a great way to meet and interact with people on all sorts of topics. I look forward to the chats and have them as recurring events in my Google calendar so I don't forget to log on for them.

If you're interested in finding out more about Twitter chats, check this out: Robert Swanwick (@SpkrInteractive) is curating a comprehensive Twitter Chat Schedule (Google Doc). It lists everything (even the little-known chats)!

You'll definitely find something you're interested in. Check it out!

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