Mandatory Electronics Recycling: Yes, please.

The state of South Carolina is making electronics recycling mandatory as of July 1st, 2011. They made it an actual law:
Effective July 1, computers, monitors, printers and televisions are banned at the state's solid waste landfills. The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control will enforce the law at landfills, where each violation could lead to a $1,000 fine against the facility.
That means electronics won't be in the landfills leaching out toxic chemicals into the groundwater and soil. And to that I say, YES!

Now I noticed that the law explicitly covers screens and printers, so I'm not sure how it qualifies tablets and smartphones, but here's hoping they're going to cover those as well. Regardless, it's a big step in the right direction.

And so, I ask: Please, City of Ottawa? That mountain in Carp isn't getting any smaller...

I mean, it seems like such a no brainer.

Full article: Post and Courier

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