May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Bobble Heads

If you haven't noticed yet, today is May the 4th. Officially known as Star Wars Day in geek circles, during which geeks (including my family) greet each other with "May the 4th be With You". Dorky? Of course. Fun for the kiddies? You bet!

In keeping with the Star Wars Day theme, I came across a BitRebels article earlier this week about the launch of Star Wars bobble heads. And boy, are they adorable.

The dolls are cute, young-looking versions of various Star Wars characters. The perfect addition to an office or a kid's bedroom. Only one problem: The cute young-looking line of dolls featured in the BitRebels article aren't actually available at the Star Wars Shop. Boo Star Wars shop! :(

The shop only lists grown-up-looking Captain Rex, Han Solo, Gamorrean Guard and Greedo, but the BitRebels article showed those as young bobbles, along with young Darth Vader, Princess Leah, Chewie, a storm trooper and even Yoda. Not sure what happened to this series of the dolls over at the Star Wars shop, but it seems they are available elsewhere on the Interwebs. I found them over at ToyWiz.

Anywho, check out just how cute these things are. Is it too early to start planning stocking stuffers? :)

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