The Pomegranate Phone: Canada's First Viral Campaign?

After my recent post about the Triple Flip phone, my tweep @heyglenns sent me a link to an even KEWLER phone.

The Pomegranate is a bit small for my liking, but OMG the features! All the standard stuff plus a real-time voice translator, coffee maker, razor, harmonica! Those are the funniest features I've ever seen and they are so well portrayed in the video.

So what exactly is this phone? It might have been Canada's first viral online marketing campaign, dating back to 2009.

If you take a visit to the Pomegranate Phone website, and if you can bear the intro, there is a fully interactive site detailing all the specs. In the top right corner is a "Release Date" button that takes you to the people behind the ruse: Travel Nova Scotia — apparently Nova Scotia — not this phone — has everything you'd ever want.

According to the Wikipedia article, it went viral driving 3Million visits to their site within the campaign period. Definitely one of the more inspired offerings from a Canadian company, I think.

Check out the great video:

Do you remember this campaign?

Viral or not, I have to admit that before @heyGlenns sent it to me, I had never seen it before. Is it new to you or do you remember it?

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