Be Part of a Canada Day World Record Attempt (video)

Want to be part of a world record attempt this Canada Day? Well, @Feeny_d tweeted last week an invitation to tweeps the world over to be part of a world record attempt for the longest video. Patriotically, this video will be a birthday message (technically, lots of birthday messages) to Canada.

The kewl part is that it's simple! And I like lazy simple. The fine folks behind the project will provide an app on July 1st that you can use to record and upload a short video message. All you need to do is head on over to the Happy 144th Canada site to register for an alert. When the app is ready, use it to record a 5 second message. Done! The app does the rest automagically adding your message to the rest.

Now think about that: just 5 seconds! Do you know how many messages they're going to need to make the world's longest video? (Me neither, they didn't say; but it's got to be A LOT!! So how do you find yourself in the final video? They'll send you a timestamp :)

My fave part ('cause they're polite little Canadians) they reassure you that your info is safe and that they won't spam you in the future.

Check out the video for all the details. Will you participate?

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