Facebook In Real Life Would Be Super Creepy (video)

Back in 2009, I posted a College Humor Video: Twitter in Real Life. If you think about Twitter statuses and what they reveal, the idea of someone making all of those comments out loud would be awkward at worst, hilarious at best.

But when 2 guys took to the streets to interview people and ask them to complete surveys of the same information they provide on social networks, it got downright creepy. And very few people felt comfortable answering those questions when actually asked by strangers. Yet these are the very same questions they will answer online, for their social media profiles.

This video would be a great teaching tool for students and kids, to teach them about the importance of thinking through what they post online. And adults, too. Because there are still far too many of them posting way too much info (see my recent post: Before you answer that fun online questionnaire, read this)

So watch, enjoy, and please remember the lesson. Because as the folks at The Awesomer (where I found this video) point out, it's not clear if the folks in the video even really got it.

(Source: The Awesomer)

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