Kewl Design Alert: State of the Obvious is Obvious. Kewl.

As a fan of design, I have to tell you that this State of the Obvious collection by Mash Creative is too. much. fun.

They developed a line of items that is fun, creative and so simple it hurts. The design hook is that each item in the collection has a clear self-description stated in a bold, white text on a black background. The result is striking and tons of fun.

The products include everything from "This is my mug." to "This is my eco-friendly reusable black tote." to "This is my 1GB USB key."

You can see the main collection on Mash Creative (link above) or an additional set of gel skins and tech products they developed for the Design Museum. My fave is the background/ skin combo pictured below (let's overlook the fact that it's on an iThing, ok ;)


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